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What's the origin of astrology ?

The answer of the question remains so far unambiguously answered. Behind her cradle is sometimes considered Babylonia, other than Egypt, India, China and China sometimes even pre-Columbian America. A migrative presumption that this teaching spread from one original center gradually to other parts of the world, it is, however, highly misguided. It seems more likely that the bases of astrology have been established independently and, therefore, somewhat differently, in different ancient civilizations, at about the same time. While somewhere there was a melding and blending of the original variations of the early stage of astrology, elsewhere we find substantial differences in concepts and completely unique solutions today.

Astrology is an ancient doctrine that was cultivated in India, China, ancient Egypt, and especially in Chaldeia, later in Greece and Rome; after the period of bankruptcy, it rose in the Renaissance period. The first systematic textbook of astrology was written by the famous Greek astronomer, from Egypt, Claudius Ptolemy (II century BC); is briefly called Tetrabiblos (Four Books on Astrology). He mentions that the Egyptians combined astronomical predictions with medicine and understood astrology causally, ie as the action of the star forces on the human constitution, which then predestines the individual to a certain development, which is also determined by other factors. From the causalist concept of astrology, in XX. of the table. has developed so-called cosmobiology or astrobiology.

Real astrology relies on accurate astronomical calculations. Her connection to astronomy has always been very close, astronomy has come from astronomy. Astrology assumes that there is a reflection of macrocosm in the microcosm, and that there is an inner link between these spheres. From the beginning, the exact nucleus of mathematical calculations of the positions of the celestial bodies and their projections into a flat figure - horoscope. This required at least some level of education. He could not deal with any of them.

The main features of astrology have thus formed into the third century AD.
From Greek astrology, a conservative form of Indian astrology has evolved, and it differs considerably from the classical, especially astrology of European type. The main difference can be found in determining the starting point of the horoscope, from which the individual signs of the zodiac are then counted.
The equator and the ecliptics together make a constant angle and for this reason twice per year occur to the so-called equinox, which is the same day as the night.
The Spring Equinox is about March 21, and from this date classical astrology derives its beginning, the zero point of the Aquarius sign. From this day, another twelve signs of the zodiac are calculated, and the sun enters the sign first, that is, Aries.
However, a phenomenon called equinox precession causes the zero point of the Aquarius not to be permanent it moves by one degree in 72 years. The whole cycle lasts about 26,000 years.
This arrangement is called a tropical zodiac, while Indian astrology remains with the sideric or star zodiac. This means that today, both astrological directions are practically one sign.
If you go as an Aquarius to an Indian astrologer, he will tell you that you were born from his perspective in Pisces.